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Morrison Investment Properties was founded in 2013 for the purpose of acquiring and developing urban infill real estate in San Diego.  It's mission is to find attractive investment opportunities that provide superior risk-adjusted returns to our investors while adding value and enhancing the livability of our urban and close-in suburban cores.  We believe that thoughtfully growing San Diego's housing supply is the only way to ensure our kids will be able to afford to live in the neighborhoods they grew up in.


In our real estate development business, we acquire sites that allow us to implement San Diego’s “City of Villages” vision, a concept which encourages transit-oriented, mixed-use infill development. We recognize that because of San Diego’s unique geographic and political constraints, land availability for development is scarce and so its use requires efficiency and long term sustainability.

As our city continues to grow housing affordability will continue to be an issue.  By embracing the principles of smart growth, we ensure we act as responsible stewards of this city so that future San Diegans will continue to have the same quality of life we now currently enjoy.


Our investments target existing real estate assets that have a value add component. When we use the phrase value add we refer to opportunities where re-positioning or a strategic capital investment in the asset will have a direct and immediate increase on the property’s cash flow. 

Ultimately, when we acquire a building our goal is to turn an under-performing asset into one that makes the community more attractive and livable while at the same time providing our investors an appropriate risk-adjusted return.


Our construction affiliate, Morrison Construction Co., has a long history of building in San Diego that began in 1947 when Donald Morrison, first obtained his contractors license and started building homes all over San Diego County.  Over the last 70 years, this family business has survived the good times and the bad by consistently delivering on what clients want most, a quality job done right with a contractor they trust.  

In addition to ground up construction for our real estate developments, Morrison Construction also provides client services such as custom homes builds, remodels, and pre-construction services.

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